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Dundalk CT Georgian 6 Person Outdoor Cabin Sauna

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Quick Overview of Features

  • The Georgian Cabin Sauna is made from decay-resistant Eastern White Cedar.
  • Cabin-style design for a modern look and comfortably sits 6+ people.
  • High-quality black metal shingle roof for durability, and protection
  • Comes with a Harvia M3 wood-burning or a Harvia KIP 8KW electric heater.
  • Stainless steel chimney stack pipes are included with the wood-burning heater.
  • 5mm thick bronze tempered glass doors and windows with solid wooden frames
  • Solid wood benches with a two-layer design.
  • Optional back/headrest accessories are available.

Expanded Summary

Escape to your own private oasis with the Dundalk Georgian 6-Person Outdoor Cabin Sauna, a perfect complement to the Canadian Timber Collection. This stunning sauna is constructed by hand from Eastern White Cedar, a species of Canadian Timber that can be sustainably harvested without impacting the surrounding ecosystem. The wood's lighter color and closer-spaced knots, combined with its exceptional decay resistance and durability, make it an excellent choice for withstanding harsh outdoor conditions.

Featuring a unique cabin-style design, this sauna adds a modern and sophisticated touch to your backyard or cottage. The roof is covered with high-quality black metal shingles that are long-lasting, low maintenance, and fire and weather resistant.

The sauna also comes with your choice of a Harvia M3 wood-burning heater or a Harvia KIP 8KW electric heater, both of which offer efficient and reliable heating. The chimney, made of premium stainless steel stack pipes, is included with the purchase of the wood-burning heater. The bronze tempered glass doors and windows are 5 millimeters thick and built with solid wooden frames to keep the heat inside.

Inside the sauna, the solid wood benches are perfect for both sitting and lying down, featuring an impressive two-layer design. Optional back/headrest accessories are also available for purchase to enhance your sauna experience.

Unwind Haven is proud to offer this exceptional sauna as part of our collection, providing you with a refreshing and rejuvenating retreat right in your own backyard. So indulge in the daily benefits of heat therapy and experience the convenience and luxury of having your own outdoor sauna today!

Gross Weight: 1775.85

Shipping Dimensions: 96 x 45 x 44 Inches

Selecting Your Sauna Heater

Sauna heaters come in two main types: electric and wood-burning. Choosing the right one for you depends on your preferences and needs.

Electric heaters are ideal for those who want convenience and simplicity. They can be pre-programmed, come with safety features, and heat up quickly. All you have to do is set the temperature and timer, and the heater will do the rest.

If you're after a more authentic sauna experience, a wood-burning heater may be the way to go. You get the added aroma of burning wood and a more engaging sauna experience. Plus, you can choose where you want the chimney to exit, giving you more control over the design of your space.

When purchasing a Dundalk Leisurecraft sauna, you'll need to choose between electric and wood-burning heaters. If you don't make a selection, no heater will be shipped.

If you choose an electric heater, consider its size, power requirements, and any additional features like a control panel or timer. Make sure your electrical system can handle the heater's power needs.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your personal preferences and priorities. Whatever you choose, investing in a sauna is a great investment in your health and well-being.


Understanding Your Electric Heater Option

There is a choice of electric heaters available for use with each and every sauna. The sauna will have a role in determining the heaters we recommend for it.

The Harvia KIP 8KW is the heater we recommend for the Georgian Cabin Sauna. 

Harvia KIP is a tried-and-true wall-mounted heater that is perfect for any sauna enthusiast. The heater comes with the option of a built-in control panel or a separate control unit, giving users the flexibility to choose the option that best suits their needs.

One of the standout features of the Harvia KIP heater is its ability to strike the perfect balance between price and quality. Bathing enthusiasts can enjoy the luxury of a high-quality sauna heater without breaking the bank.

The heater is designed to provide optimal heat release, thanks to its large stone space. Despite this impressive feature, the outer casing of the heater remains cool to the touch. Additionally, the operating switches are located at the bottom of the heater, and users can choose to place them on either the left or right side or the front of the heater, making it easy to install in a wall cavity.

Quick Feature List of the Kip80B 8 kW

  • Traditional wall-mounted sauna heater with built-in controls.
  • Constructed with durable stainless steel for long-lasting use.
  • A protective guard is included preventing direct contact with heating elements.
  • Large stone cavity for maximum heat release and efficient heating.
  • Dual wall construction keeps the exterior cool to the touch for added safety.
  • The left dial controls the temperature, allowing for precise heat control.
  • The right dial is the on/off control with an added delay timer.
  • The delay timer allows you to set the heater to turn on up to 8 hours after it is set.
  • Will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of operation

 You must have a licensed electrician wire your electric heater.

 Your Wood Burning Heater Option

If you're looking to enhance your sauna experience, the Harvia M3 wood-burning heater is the ideal option for small to medium saunas. Its reliable performance and classic design create an authentic and pleasurable sauna experience that you're sure to enjoy.

The M3 features a sleek graphite black color and a glass door that emits a warm glow, creating a traditional sauna atmosphere that enhances the overall experience. Moreover, its stainless steel air-flow spoiler ensures efficient combustion and air circulation, providing even heat and improving the sauna experience.

Another feature of the M3 is its option to equip with a pipe model water heater, adding convenience and enabling longer steam sessions without needing to continually pour water onto the stones. With these added features, the Harvia M3 wood-burning heater is an excellent choice for those looking to get the most out of their sauna experience.

Overall, the Harvia M3 wood-burning heater is a reliable, efficient, and classic choice for small saunas. It's even heat, efficient air circulation, and added water heater option make it the perfect addition for anyone seeking an authentic and enjoyable sauna experience.

Quick Summary of the M3

  • A classic wood-burning heater designed for small-medium saunas
  • Offers an authentic and enjoyable sauna experience
  • Even heat and efficient air circulation for a comfortable bath
  • Equipped with a glass door for a warm glow and traditional sauna atmosphere
  • Elegant graphite black color with stainless steel air-flow spoiler
  • Can be equipped with a pipe model water heater for added convenience
  • Creates a pleasant wood fire aroma for an immersive experience
  • Designed with a small footprint for easy installation in smaller spaces
  • Durable construction with high-quality materials for long-lasting use
  • Easy to operate and maintain for hassle-free enjoyment.

Chimney Installation Out The Side Wall

When you buy a wood-burning heater, you automatically get a chimney that is included in the package. It is constructed out of superior stainless steel stack pipes and will exit out the side wall of your Cabin Sauna.

The Canadian Timber Collection by Dundalk LeisureCraft Inc. saunas are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under normal/residential use for a period of three (3) years, as applicable, from the date of receipt of the product. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear and/or natural weather conditions. This warranty does not cover regular required maintenance of the sauna, (eg. Tightening bands on the barrels, cleaning or staining the sauna) refer to your sauna assembly manual for maintenance guidelines. This warranty does not cover misuse or negligence and the manufacturer and associated retailers are not liable for any injury or damage caused by the product. This warranty is a parts only warranty and any service or labor costs would not be considered as part of the 3 year warranty.

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    Dundalk LeisureCraft products are typically made to order and require longer lead times.

    Current lead times for these can range anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks.

    Each product page will showcase the most up-to-date time estimates that we receive for our Dundalk LeisureCraft products.

    Please also note that potential delays with production are beyond our control and we will do our best to update you with new relevant information as your products prepare for shipment.  

    We will send you a shipping confirmation with tracking within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address you provided when checking out.  


    Important Information For Dundalk LeisureCraft Shipments

    The Trucking Company Responsibilities

    The trucking company will call you or whoever is receiving the delivery by the number provided upon checkout or an alternate phone number if requested. 

    The trucking company will deliver your sauna to the end of the driveway or curbside. The trucking company is not responsible for unloading the sauna.

    The trucking company is not going to back their truck into your driveway.

    Most times the trucking company will deliver with an 18-wheel truck.

    Please determine whether or not this type of truck would fit on your road and or in your neighborhood. 


    Customer Responsibilities 

    The customer or whoever is accepting delivery will need to return phone calls to the trucking company in a timely manner in order to arrange for delivery. 

    The customer or whoever is accepting delivery will need to determine how the sauna is going to be unloaded from the truck.

    Crates will vary from 6 to 14 feet long. 

    Crates will vary from 800 to 2200 pounds depending on the size of the sauna. 

    If the sauna crate is less than 92" (7 Feet) the trucking company may have a lift gate on the back of the truck which can be used to assist in getting the sauna off the truck. 

    If the sauna crate is more than 92", there will not be a lift gate to unload the sauna crate and the person accepting delivery will need to decide how they are going to get the crate off the truck.  

    Here are a few methods for unloading the truck:

    • Use a forklift or other mechanical piece of equipment            

                When using a forklift, they must be picked up from the end of the crate and forklift extensions are required.  

    • Renting a tilt tow truck to pick up the sauna from the local terminal and have it delivered to  your home  
    • Use a trailer and pick up the crate at the delivery terminal
    • Have a crew of helpers to either take the sauna off the truck or unload the crate while on the truck until the crate can be lifted off the truck 

    All relevant information will be provided on our product pages, as well as in the emails you receive upon ordering.

    A request to change the shipping address prior to the order leaving the factory will be free of charge, however,

    A request to change the shipping address after the order has shipped and left the factory will result in a $250 charge for this service. 


    Important Information For Golden Designs Shipments

    For orders in stock, they will typically ship out of the warehouse within 5 business days from the date of purchase. 

    Shipping to the west coast will typically take 3-5 business days.

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    The freight carrier should contact you 24 to 48 hours prior to delivery to set a delivery day and time.

    They will deliver Monday-Friday with a 4-hour open window. 

    They will not deliver without confirming an appointment first.

    If the trucking company is R+L Carriers, they will deliver without an appointment.

    They will notify the morning of delivery via email and text. 

     All saunas are delivered on a 53-foot semi truck with a single driver, who will unload the pallet to your curbside or driveway only. 

    Any delivery questions or issues (remote areas, long driveways, large and low-hanging trees, apartment complexes, stairs, etc.) should be addressed with us prior to shipping the sauna.


    Additional Information

    Shipping times are only approximate and can change depending on environmental conditions, transit issues, and carrier availability.

    Last-minute appointments can occur which are out of our control as the delivery process is managed by the carriers. 

    For any questions related to shipping,

    please contact us at 


    International Orders:

    Please be aware that at this current time, international shipping is unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and are doing all we can to soon ship internationally. To stay up to date, view our social pages where we will announce future availability, join our mailing list or email us at  for an inquiry. 



    Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) when they arrive, if you notice any damage you should make note of it when signing for the delivery or do not agree to accept the delivery.

    If you do accept delivery you are required to immediately take photos using your smartphone or camera of the damaged packaging or products inside the packaging. 

    If your item(s) do arrive damaged,

    please send photos to,


    Specific Information For Dundalk Damaged Orders

    We will send you damaged parts free of charge. 

     If the crate arrives damaged, you can accept the shipment, however, please take pictures of the damage, and note the damage on the shipper’s Bill of Lading (BOL).

    Immediately, contact us or Dundalk, so we can contact the shipper. 

    1. Mark the Bill of Lading (BOL) with “(Crate arrived open/damaged- Possible Hidden Damage.


    Specific Information For Golden Designs Damaged Orders

    Once the driver has unloaded the sauna, please immediately inspect the boxes for any damage. 

    Please indicate any minor scratches, indentations, or scuff marks on the outside of the boxes on the delivery receipt. 

    You do not need to open the boxes to inspect the sauna.

    Please refuse the delivery if you see any softball-sized holes in the packaging which is likely caused by forklifts. 

    While we fully stand by every product that we sell, we understand that sometimes you might change your mind or realize the product you ordered wasn't exactly what you were hoping for.

    That's why we offer a 30 Day Return Policy.

    If you decide you want to return an item within 30 days after receipt of your order, please email us at with your order number and we will provide detailed instructions on how to process the return.

    Please note, that you as the customer will be responsible for paying the return shipping costs of the item(s) in your order.

    Once your return item(s) have been received and inspected at our warehouse(s), we will send you an email notification that we have processed your return payment.

    *Please note: In order to receive a refund for the item(s) ordered, the item(s) must arrive back at our distribution center in "Like New" condition and must contain all original packaging and accessories.

    "Like New" means that the items you ordered must not show any visual signs of wear.

    If items are returned with visual signs of wear, or have any issues due to use, they will not be accepted and no refund will be given.

    If you decide you want to return your order, please email us at with your order number and we will assist you. We want to make this as simple of a process as possible for you.


    All canceled orders and/or returned goods shall be subject to the following: a) storage fees and costs associated with routing the goods; b) handling and restocking fee of 20% of the total purchase for each sauna; c) return shipping cost

      If the item has been opened, assembled, and used. 

      •      No return accepted. 


        Important Information Regarding Dundalk LeisureCraft Returns

        We will first try to send you any necessary parts free of charge. 

        It is very expensive to return products back across the border

         If a product must be returned to the factory, the following will apply:

        a. 20% Restocking fee
        b. The customer will be responsible for shipping costs to the factory
        c. Products must be returned in their original packaging and condition
        d. Leisurecraft will inspect the product upon return and Leisurecraft will be the sole decider of the condition of the product and the amount of the refund



        If the product is damaged, you must make note of it immediately when signing for delivery and send photos to on the day of delivery.

        Remember to keep all the original packaging for any items that need to be returned. All returns need to be authorized by our customer service department prior to being processed. 

        We will ensure you get the product you ordered, undamaged, as soon as possible. Items that become damaged after use are non-refundable unless specified under warranty.


        Specific Information For Dundalk Damaged Orders

         If the crate arrives damaged, you can accept the shipment, however, please take pictures of the damage, and note the damage on the shipper’s Bill of Lading (BOL).

        Immediately, contact us or Dundalk, so we can contact the shipper. 

        1. Mark the Bill of Lading (BOL) with “(Crate arrived open/damaged- Possible Hidden Damage.


        Specific Information For Golden Designs Damaged Orders

        Once the driver has unloaded the sauna, please immediately inspect the boxes for any damage. 

        Please indicate any minor scratches, indentations, or scuff marks to the outside of the boxes on the delivery receipt. 

        You do not need to open the boxes to inspect the sauna.

        Please refuse the delivery if you see any softball-sized holes in the packaging which is likely caused by forklifts. 




        If you would like to cancel an order, please email or call our customer service team immediately to avoid return shipping fees.

        Cancellations received before shipment will receive a full refund.

        Orders canceled after items have shipped will follow our 30 Day Return policy and will be subject to return shipping costs.


        Other Return Policy Notes:

        • If a certain vendor or product does not support the return policy stated above, this will be noted in the product descriptions or in the product-specific return information.
        • Products that are specified as certified pre-owned or used are ineligible for a return
        • Unwind Haven only sells to purchasers who intend to use the item(s) for the duration of its economic life. Orders purchased for the specific purpose of a "one-time-use or temporary use" are not eligible for return under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to; orders intended for use in a trade show or a conference venue, orders that are purchased by promotional companies, and orders that are purchased by trade show facilitators.

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